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  •   2.19, Lian Hoe Plaza, Jalan Abu Bakar, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor MALAYSIA.

About Us

Palm Image Production was founded by independent photographer Eddie Chang in 2010. Following his work in wedding photography at Memoire Picture, he combined commercial photography and professional photography training under the Palm Image Production brand to launch a range of photography services and educational programs.

Later on, he was hired by Canon Malaysia as a photography course instructor under his personal brand, in conjunction with Palm Image Production, providing professional photography courses and practical shooting guidance for Canon camera users.

In the early stages of his career in photography, Eddie Chang was involved in wedding and bridal photography. In addition to receiving invitations from domestic and foreign clients, he became a contract photographer for several famous bridal houses, shooting VIP bridal projects for their clients. In commercial photography, he became a designated photographer for a famous British furniture brand in Malaysia, specializing in shooting product and profile photos for high-end furniture products preparing to be exported to European and American markets. In addition, he is also one of the few local on-site photographers specializing in photography for exported furniture products. Regardless of how challenging the field conditions are, he is still able to shoot beautiful product photos. As for photography education, his easy-to-understand photography courses and hands-on photographer apprenticeship have benefited many students. He is also one of the few photography instructors in Malaysia who has taken students to various Asian countries for field shooting, leading photography teams to several scenic spots in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries.

Over the past two decades, Eddie Chang and Palm Image Production have had their own persistence and pursuit of photography. However, due to his increasingly busy business management, Eddie Chang had to dissolve Palm Image Production‘s business in 2018 and not renew his appointment as a course instructor for Canon Malaysia. Transforming Palm Image Production into a personal hobby and pursuit of photography may be a better conclusion for him personally.