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About The Founder

Eddie Chang began to enjoy photography since high school.

In the 1990s, photography was an expensive hobby (although it still is today). Not to mention the cost of cameras, the cost of film and developing photos would make it difficult for many people to afford. At that time, Eddie Chang was still a high school student and only had an old second-hand semi-automatic one-button camera.

Eventually, Eddie Chang accumulated some savings and finally purchased an old damaged SLR camera – a Nikon FG with a 50mm wide aperture lens at a flea market. From that point on, Eddie Chang worked as a part-time photographer while studying. He acted as an event photographer for friends and family on their birthdays or weddings, and gradually accumulated the fees earned from photography to purchase the necessary equipment.

This was how Eddie Chang got into photography and started his journey in the photography industry.

After graduation, Eddie Chang became a white-collar worker, and gradually put photography aside as he worked tirelessly in a busy work pace every day.

In 2005, during a trip, Eddie Chang used an Olympus E-500 to capture a series of realistic records of Cambodian people’s lives, which reignited his passion for photography. Subsequently, he resigned from his corporate job in 2006 and devoted himself full-time to photography. He founded Memoire Picture, starting with wedding and bridal photography services.

In 2008, feeling that the wedding and bridal photography market was too monotonous, he began to add commercial photography and photography teaching to his services. He provided professional product photography services for small businesses and started offering photography classes, allowing photography enthusiasts to learn professional photography in their spare time. Around the same time, Eddie Chang’s excellent work and teaching information frequently appeared online, and he had started using Canon EOS DSLR cameras for his work. As a result, he caught the attention of Canon Malaysia, who began providing him with some EOS equipment for testing and use. They also appointed Eddie Chang as one of the few official photography instructors in Malaysia, providing professional photography training for Canon photography equipment users.

From then on, Eddie Chang continuously offered various photography courses, organized photography travel groups, and served as a product photographer for world-class luxury furniture brands for the next ten years. In 2018, due to the growing and busy operations of his own management consulting company, he finally decided to end his photography business after the last public photography lecture he gave for Canon Malaysia in Johor Bahru and return to the field of corporate management.

In the past decade of his photography career, rather than considering himself a commercial photographer, Eddie Chang preferred to think of himself as a life recorder. His most satisfying and favorite works were captured from the humanistic vibe he saw and felt during his travels, or the real records that occurred in current affairs and politics, including the bits and pieces that happened during Malaysia’s political reform.

To Eddie Chang, photography is a meaningful hobby, and he will continue to pursue this hobby and use his lens to showcase the collection of humanistic culture.